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CORE Packs

When I first started Anchor Chiropractic in 1997, I remember reading a study that stated something I intuitively knew already to be true: Patients that are educated about their condition get better outcomes.

In other words, when you understand what is going on with your health and what to do about it, not only are you more likely to take of an active roll in your care, but you’re more likely to get better results and satisfaction with your experience. And for us that means you’re more likely to tell others — which has a direct impact on our ability to positively shift the health of our community and the individuals within it.

Education is part of your care.

As such, we have educational, multi-media “Core Packs” which help us deliver with consistency the lessons you’ll need along the way, while still maintaining enough flexibility for us to address your unique situation.

Education is the foundational “framing” of your care.

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