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A Dimmer Switch Life

“Most people die at 60, but are buried at 90.” I ran across this quote from late fitness expert Jack LaLanne. It resonated with me

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Longevity and Performance

One of the biggest stories during the Super Bowl is the longevity and performance of Tom Brady. He is redefining what is possible for athletes

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How Long Do You Plan to Live?

One of the fastest growing segments of the population today is centenarians, or 100-year old people. In 1980, there were approximately 17,000 people over the

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Live Longer and Stronger

The US Census Bureau estimates that there over 80,000 centenarians living in the United States today, with women usually living longer than men. The truth

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The Benefits of Lifestyle Care

The benefits of Lifestyle Care are many and well documented. From improving athletic performance, increasing brain function, and increasing bone density to strengthening the immune

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