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Rats in a Dump

As we find ourselves in the thick of cold and flu season our focus on avoiding germs becomes top priority for many of us.  We’re

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How Long Do You Plan to Live?

One of the fastest growing segments of the population today is centenarians, or 100-year old people. In 1980, there were approximately 17,000 people over the

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The Benefits of Lifestyle Care

The benefits of Lifestyle Care are many and well documented. From improving athletic performance, increasing brain function, and increasing bone density to strengthening the immune

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Health Care Is Rising

Health Care is Rising. As the U.S. and many other nations try to figure out how to pay for the challenges of the aging population,

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Lost Coverage. Found Health

Millions of people in the United States are losing their insurance coverage. With all the confusion about insurance, the focus and concern for many Americans

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Trying or Training

If you wanted to run a marathon how would you prepare in anticipation? Would you go out and TRY to run 26.2 miles or would

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