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Emerging Health Care Leadership

A Shortage of Medical Doctors
With the shortage of medical doctors increasing dramatically, more and more people are using chiropractors for their health care leadership. According to the AAMC, the American Academy of Medical Consultants, there is a shortage of medical doctors by 50,000 in the U.S. alone. Between now and 2025 that shortage is expected to grow to 125,000.

These statistics are experienced in the real world as more people are forced to go to Doc in the Box medical establishments where they don’t know the doctor and have not been able to establish a relationship with a provider who knows their body or who knows their family. This has led to many a frustrating experience and is one reason for the shift.

The Public is Demanding Holistic, Drug-Free Health Care
The shift to chiropractors is not just due to the medical doctor shortage, however; it is due to a shift in the public’s demand for a holistic, drug-free health care approach. Traditional medical care is strictly for use when you are in the middle of a severe crisis. This can be from an accident, injury, or being diagnosed with an illness or disease. This Crisis Care is important. It is necessary. And at the same time, individuals and families are looking for ways to stay healthy and drug-free to avoid and prevent a crisis from occurring, while many others are looking to optimize their health.

Chiropractic care, especially within The 100 Year Lifestyle model, contributes to restoring your health in times of crisis, and it can also help you make the Critical Transition from Crisis Care to Lifestyle Care so that your health becomes a top priority. Health care consumers are realizing, through the rising costs of crisis care and the suffering of their aging parents and grandparents, that ignoring health until it breaks down is the recipe for deteriorating health, sickness, and a pain-filled life. This consciousness has bankrupted so many families over the past few decades that the shift to Lifestyle Care is approaching critical mass.

The Nursing Home Generation
Assisted living centers and nursing homes are popping up everywhere as people are living longer whether they like it or not. This Nursing Home Generation is giving us the advance notice that we will probably live longer than we ever thought. The philosophy of this generation was “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” and they defined broke as severe pain or life threatening illness. There was no proactive approach to staying healthy; a reactive approach to dealing with pain and sickness was opted for instead. Tragically, the unrecognized grim consequences are now being reaped.

A Vitalistic Health Care Model
A vitalistic philosophy in place of the reactive health philosophy provides you with a new approach to your health care. Recognize that we are not inanimate objects. We are vitalistic beings. Your body, which is composed of approximately 30 trillion cells, will work in harmony to keep you healthy, adapt you to your environment, digest your food, and even heal you when you are sick as long as it is kept healthy and functioning without interference.

Through the principles and practices of The 100 Year Lifestyle, which includes chiropractic Lifestyle Care, interferences to the health of your 30-trillion-cell machine will be eliminated or reduced. You and your loved ones will enjoy a healthier and more active life. Find out if your body is functioning up to its potential. Make an appointment today.

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