"In 1990, at the age of 40, my neck and back problems began. They started small and were temporarily remedied with an adjustment and/or icing. I would have bouts with lower back pain, especially around Spring gardening time. In 1997 I started a machine quilting business which required a lot of upper body work. After a few years my neck was so stiff, it had to be iced, massaged, and adjusted several times a month. Then in 2002 I had a freak accident following a fall which resulted in a lamenectomy spinal surgery. Recovery was supposed to take 6 months. However, the pain in my neck never went away, and I worked when I could. As the months and years went by there were things I could not do that worried me, and things seemed to be getting worse. Carrying groceries or anything over 10 lbs. created pain, and gardening was out completely. As a result, I was doing less and less physical activity in what once was a very active life. At 58, when getting out of bed in the morning, I was so stiff that I moved like I was 30 years older. The stiffness and pain took its toll. It drained me of my self esteem and kept me from doing any physical activity. I was worried that by the time I reached 70, I may have to have a walker or be in a wheelchair. Not something to look forward to. Then, in the Spring of 2009, Dr. Lamar figured out I had an underlying chronic sacroiliac sprain resulting in an unstable pelvis that was causing the rest of my back and neck to stiffen and seize. Dr. Lamar's diagnosis, and subsequent treatment, simply changed my life. In just a few months, I literally feel 20 years younger and am now looking forward to a long, healthy and happier life. I am strong enough to carry groceries without pain, I have the energy to walk my dog twice a day, and I've lost 10 pounds just being more active. With the new exercise program Dr. Lamar has prescribed, I look forward to putting a garden in next year, and who knows what else I will be doing. I could not have imagined feeling this good again, but here I am. I am so grateful to Dr. Lamar and the chiropractic discipline." Wanda Rains, Rainy Day Quilts Kingston, Washington

"Ever since my last pregnancy five years ago, I had experienced a lot of back pain. I had seen four different doctors for my chronic pain, including my OB and two different chiropractors. I was absolutely fed up! Three of them had no idea what was wrong and, sadly, I even had to a hysterectomy in hopes of getting rid of the pain. It didn't help. So the final outcome was pain pills and a diagnosis of soft tissue in my lower back. My husband came home from work one day and told me he heard about a wonderful chiropractor in Kingston. He went once and was very impressed. He then told me about a friend of his at work who had such a bad back that his legs throbbed from it. That was what was happening to me. My husband told me Dr. Lamar helped him, and I called the next day and made an appointment. We are on about the fourteenth adjustment right now and my pain level has gone from probably a 7-8 out of 10, to a 2 or 3. We are still working on it and I am going in two days a week to get more adjustments. The results have been amazing! I cannot say enough about Dr. Lamar. Five years of pain and finally I have relief! I can tell you he is the first doctor I have ever been to that really sat down and spent time with me and listened. He was determined to find and attack the problem. It is so nice to get up in the morning and not take a handful of pills to get through my day. I seriously did not know there for a while what I was going to do. My life is slowly getting back on track and that would not be possible if it were not for Dr. Lamar and his wisdom, determination, and caring. I just wish every doctor that you had to go to had his bedside manner and really listened to what their patients had to tell them. Thank you so much, Dr. Lamar. You gave me my life back and I can say my family is a lot happier also." Dion Weidner Port Hadlock, Washington

"I had been suffering from intense left facial pain for several months. A visit to my dentist (I thought I had a bad tooth) and x-rays found no problems that would contribute to such pain. So he referred me to an endotonist (more x-rays) but no results. Living on four to six Extra Strength Excedrin daily, and sleeping with a 10-lb sack of my face at night just for relief, I knew that I needed a diagnosis as the depression from the excruciating pain was getting the better of me. I consulted with my internist where I had a CT scan. Again, nothing to diagnose except the possibility of trigeminal neuropathy; however, I would need to see a neurologist to confirm that diagnosis, which I did, but an MRI revealed no neuropathy. Rather he had diagnosed atypical facial pain. There is no cure only pain management. Again I went back to my dentist as I could feel the origin of the pain within a certain tooth area of my mouth. At least, I begged, remove that part of my face so I can have some relief! His assistant, formerly a dental assistant who specialized in TMJ, suggested the possibility of TMJ, but this would require another set of x-rays and most likely braces. Since I'm 60 years old, that was just not going to be an option! Although I had been a patient of Dr. Lamar's for some time, it never occurred to me that he could treat facial pain (I thought chiropractors are about backs and necks). When I told him what I had been going through, the physicians, the x-rays, the weight bag and vicadin on weekends, he began to treat the affected areas of my mouth, head, and neck and back as though he were treating a patient with TMJ. A discovery of a falling arch in my right foot was part of the problem. So orthotics were made. There were no immediate results not until about the third visit, (by now I had the facial pain for one year) then suddenly, things began to improve! So amazed was I at the simplicity of treating this ailment that I would tell anyone and everyone who would listen. I went back to my dentists and physicians and explained how Dr. Lamar's treatments had totally cured my facial pain. Their reactions were all very similar raised eyebrows! It has been one full year since I had been treated by Dr. Lamar for my facial pain and I am still pain free! A lesson learned, see your chiropractor FIRST!" Constance Borgomainerio Hansville, WA

"Our sweet baby Owen was born Saturday, November 15 at 7:27 am. He was 8 pounds and 21 inches long. Just like with any birth, mom and baby were a little traumatized, needing rest and of course, wanting an easy, positive nursing experience. Since this was my fifth baby I knew what to look for in terms of latching on, but my sweet little guy was having some trouble. He cried when I tried to nurse him, acted odd, and would just give up. After repeated tries and him continuing to nurse poorly on only one side, I was a little unnerved. This wasn't the experience I wanted, and I knew there must be something wrong. The next day my midwife encouraged me to contact a chiropractor, and that perhaps it was something simple that would be fixed with an adjustment. I called my dear friend, Keri, and asked if there was any way Tom would come over to help Owen. What a blessing it was to have him come and look our baby over, adjusting his neck where necessary and enabling him to be a little more at ease when trying to learn how to eat. Owen started nursing on both sides, was less fretful, and even slept great! We're so thankful for chiropractic care and know it makes a world of difference, not only with immediate needs like that of our Owen, but with routine preventative maintenance, allowing our whole family to enjoy good health." Ryan and Wydie Mayfield Poulsbo, Washington