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The Hips Don’t Lie

The NFL’s 100th season ended with a spectacular Super Bowl game, a celebration of 100-year-old WWll veterans and a spectacular halftime show. Shakira and J-Lo delivered an exciting performance that had everyone talking!

Hips Don’t Lie

From a chiropractic perspective, Shakira’s hit song “Hips Don’t Lie” brought much of the symbolism together as the athletes, dancers, and 100-year-old heroes moved uniquely on the field. The health and alignment of their hips and pelvic area were centerstage and they will play a vital role in your ability to move, function, and enjoy your life.

Your pelvic area and hips are the foundation of your spine. When healthy, your ability to move at any age can be almost limitless. Unfortunately, almost everyone experiences trauma to this area resulting in unbalanced hips and structural compensations that lead to nerve pressure and accelerated deterioration.

Pregnancy, childbirth, learning to walk, childhood falls, slips, and excess sitting are just a few of the ways that your hips can become unbalanced. While symptoms are not always present right away, a simple posture test can give you an early detection wake up call so that you proactively address the issue.

When the hips are subluxated, stuck, and misaligned, the surrounding muscles, ligaments, and intervertebral discs are forced to pick up the slack from faulty movement patterns causing more damage over time. These compensations can cause problems throughout the entire body including the head, neck, and all the nerves supplied by these regions. And, in fact, problems in the upper neck can also impact the hips.

Pelvic Nerves Become Compromised

The areas of the nervous system located in the pelvic region supply your reproductive organs, genitourinary system, and lower digestive tract as well as the muscles and blood supply to the hips, legs, feet, and ankles.

Athletes who play soccer, tennis, basketball, and all other sports tend to feel these imbalances sooner than others because they place greater demands on their bodies. Unfortunately, these subluxations can lie dormant and asymptomatic for decades which can lead to more serious problems as you age. Weight gains and weight losses can exacerbate these underlying problems, ultimately compromising the nervous system.

Poor digestion, sexual dysfunction, chronic infections as well as postural deformities are only a small portion of the issues that chiropractors worldwide are naturally resolving by balancing the hips, eliminating nerve pressure, and getting the energy flowing throughout the body.

Chiropractic examinations should be performed during every stage of growth and development to catch and correct them early and keep your spine functioning optimally.

If you’ve ever seen an older person who was suffering from a lack of mobility, this is an indication of what happens when you allow small pelvic problems to become chronic.

Don’t wait for the inconvenient crisis and decay that these subluxations can cause. Prioritize the integrity of your spine and nervous system with a chiropractic examination and transition to Lifestyle Care.

Your hips are not lying to you! Schedule an appointment to get your spine and nervous system checked today!

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